Monday, September 25, 2006

Jags lose a Heartbreaker...

Well for almost a 1/2 of the game yesterday against the Colts I believed that the Jaguars were a changed team. They utterly controlled all aspects of the game and combining that with last weeks Victory over the Steelers I was thinking finally we are putting it all together...

Well it turns out I was wrong :(

Our Special Teams let us down and Byron lost whatever edge he had and started playing lackluster football... That allowed Indy to stay in the Game and ultimately win the day.

Kudos to our Offensive Line, Defense and Running Game.

We better find the missing ingredients before next Sunday. Mark Brunell had a standout day yesterday setting a New NFL record for consecutive completed passes, Twenty Two (22), yes that is right 22 completed passes in a row.

Jags find what you had in Pittsburgh and no one can beat us, come up short in any aspect and we get days like yesterday...


Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Steelers Meet the Teal Colored Steel!

Wow what a game, 9 - Zip Jaguars over the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Before you start with the "Ben wasn't 100%" talk let me be the first to agree Ben Roethlisberger appeared rough around the edges a few times however that doesn't take one little bit away from the Jag's Defense which just flat out played a Great Game...

The Jag's Offense, while not scoring in the 1st half, did move the ball and get 1st downs not allowing the Steelers unearned field position. The Offense actually came out of the Gate swinging which is a much sought after result for this Offense.

The Jaguars showed me more passion and excitement as a whole Team last night then I can remember in quite some time. If they can bring the same mind set and execution to the Game next week you never know Peyton and the Colts may find they have their hands full as well...



Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jags win a big one and other notes...

The Jaguars won a big one against the Cowboys this past Sunday. As usual the Offense got a slow start but did manage to come to life in the First half rather then waiting for the second... A Win is a Win and a good way to get the Season started :)

The Tropics are finally starting to get rolling, Hurricane Florence, Tropical Storm Florence and now Tropical Depression 8... Makes you wonder can we really predict Hurricane activity more then a few days in advance?

Who woulda thunk that Tony Stewart would miss the Nextel Chase?

What is today's status of Friendship Fountain? If you know let us know cause it doesn't seem that even the Mayor knows?

Will I get to post another WIN story next Tuesday? The Jaguars finally get back on Monday Night Football but now it is on ESPN...

Was it just me or did the media go way overboard with the Sep 11 5th year anniversary remembrances???

Good Job Atlantis! Come home safe.


Monday, September 04, 2006

2006 NFL Season - Jacksonville Jaguars

The 2006 NFL season is upon us and while I am excited about Football being back and the Jaguars I must confess that I was less then impressed with the Jaguars Preseason which while a winning record of 3 and 1 I still saw the same old slow starting Offense hoping that the Defense would keep us in the game till they could get something going...

What is up with Jack's fixation on Leftwich, while Byron was the best looking QB we had in the Preseason and I do not doubt for a moment that he is the best overall QB we have I still don't see the intangibles on the Field from Leftwich, where is the pumping up your team when a ball is dropped or you miss the throw?

Bottom line to me is if we are to make the Playoffs and get past the first Game everyone must step up a notch and Byron needs to make a difference on the field, both with his playmaking and leadership and spirit...

I don't know why we haven't looked to draft the next QB yet and if we fail to at least get to the AFC Championship we best be thinking strongly about doing just that next year...

Long season coming and a brutal start but it is time to say GO JAGS! and stand up and support our team...

Game one prediction... Jags 20 - Dallas 17


Friday, September 01, 2006

Friendship Fountain needs YOUR Help!

In the event you are not aware I also have been running the unofficial web site for Friendship Fountain since 1999 (or so) -

The Fountain is in danger of being completely replaced and anyone with an interest I urge you to view the web site and contact the Mayor and your local Elected officials and voice your concerns, displeasure over these plans...

SAVE Friendship Fountain!