Monday, September 24, 2012


I own a .38 Special Taurus UltraLite revolver that just has to be one of the best options for a Carry piece. I also have a Ruger LC9 9mm semi-automatic that is another great choice for a carry piece however neither is the best suited for range use.

Don't get me wrong I enjoy shooting both guns, the .38 Special will make itself known after 50 rounds or so and the LC9 after about 100 rounds, but just for fun shooting neither would be anyone's first choice.

So with the idea that I wanted to get a gun that would be fun to shoot and also with the idea of a beginners gun for my Daughters to use at the range I started looking at .22s.

The most recommended .22 I saw mentioned was the Browning Buckmark, including a recommendation from a fellow shooter at my local range, Gateway Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc. There was a lot of mentions for the Walther P22 as well however there were as many negative as positive mentions, at least in the reviews I found.

I also saw some mentions of the Ruger SR22, a relatively newcomer to the .22 scene and the majority of reviews were positive. I also liked the form factor for the SR22 which appeared to me to be more similar to a standard self defense semi-automatic and the price was more in line with my budget.

So with that in mind I started searching for a Ruger SR22 and it just so happened that there was a Gun Show in town this past weekend and I found a very friendly group from Jimmy's Jewelry and Pawn that were willing to deal a bit and we reached a very good price, as far as i was concerned and I became the proud new owner of a Ruger SR .22.

As noted in almost every post I found regarding the SR22 it comes in a standard Ruger cardboard box with two magazines, two different mag floor plates, a second grip (larger), pouch carrying case, instruction manual and a Ruger gun lock with 2 keys and a spent shell fired from that particular gun.

I went straight from the Gun Show to the range and loaded up the magazines with .22 LR rounds and was firing in minutes. I used Remington .22LR rounds, that I picked up at the Gun Show from Christine with All in Ammo at an extremely attractive price, and fired a quick 100 rounds without a blip. After the first 1/2 dozen rounds or so i was putting them into the center of the target without any difficulty and I am not the best shot out there.

This gun was just fun to shoot and easy to put on target time and time again, it had a nice feel in the hand and I believe anyone would enjoy shooting this gun.

Some comparison shots of the SR22 with the LC9 and Taurus .38 special.

I will post more regarding both the SR22 and LC9 as time goes on and more rounds are put through both as to my experiences with these guns.

Until next time, Bob