Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Steelers Meet the Teal Colored Steel!

Wow what a game, 9 - Zip Jaguars over the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Before you start with the "Ben wasn't 100%" talk let me be the first to agree Ben Roethlisberger appeared rough around the edges a few times however that doesn't take one little bit away from the Jag's Defense which just flat out played a Great Game...

The Jag's Offense, while not scoring in the 1st half, did move the ball and get 1st downs not allowing the Steelers unearned field position. The Offense actually came out of the Gate swinging which is a much sought after result for this Offense.

The Jaguars showed me more passion and excitement as a whole Team last night then I can remember in quite some time. If they can bring the same mind set and execution to the Game next week you never know Peyton and the Colts may find they have their hands full as well...




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