Monday, September 04, 2006

2006 NFL Season - Jacksonville Jaguars

The 2006 NFL season is upon us and while I am excited about Football being back and the Jaguars I must confess that I was less then impressed with the Jaguars Preseason which while a winning record of 3 and 1 I still saw the same old slow starting Offense hoping that the Defense would keep us in the game till they could get something going...

What is up with Jack's fixation on Leftwich, while Byron was the best looking QB we had in the Preseason and I do not doubt for a moment that he is the best overall QB we have I still don't see the intangibles on the Field from Leftwich, where is the pumping up your team when a ball is dropped or you miss the throw?

Bottom line to me is if we are to make the Playoffs and get past the first Game everyone must step up a notch and Byron needs to make a difference on the field, both with his playmaking and leadership and spirit...

I don't know why we haven't looked to draft the next QB yet and if we fail to at least get to the AFC Championship we best be thinking strongly about doing just that next year...

Long season coming and a brutal start but it is time to say GO JAGS! and stand up and support our team...

Game one prediction... Jags 20 - Dallas 17



Blogger breatnyS said...

Jaguars are the best team in the NFL, As far as I m concerned, we have great fans, really the whole city of Jacksonville will say that. In Jacksonville if you want to watch the Jaguars in style good luck with that, all the Jaguars premium seats get sold out the day they show up in ticketmaster. Jaguars tickets are sometimes 2 or even 5 times the face value. Anyhow If you get lost I have a new sight for u guys
Anyhow I though this is something would interest you, a tip from a Jaguars fan GO Jaguars!!!
God bless Football

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