Saturday, April 23, 2011

Side Load AT&T Android Phones for Amazon Market Access

My wife and I each have a #DellStreak 5 Phone/Tablet that I lovingly refer to as "The Beast", in case you hadn't noticed it is BIG :)

Anyway my phone I got before AT&T rolled out the Froyo 2.2 update and I used the QDL Tool to update mine but my wife's was purchased after the roll out and I have left it tied to AT&T for comparison purposes.

It has done everything my Wife needs even though it is tied to AT&T with the exception of allowing Apps from the New Amazon Android market.  In searching for a solution to this I discovered this post regarding side loading an AT&T Dell Streak which not only is very simple it doesn't require rooting your phone and I would think could be used on any AT&T Android Phone...

ADW Launcher is an App I discovered a few months ago and had already installed on both phones and is the only thing you need to enable access to the Amazon market as well as other third party app markets...

The instructions are very simple and takes only a couple of minutes and then you can go to the Amazon Market insert your phone number and you will receive a link to install Amazon Market on that phone and have access to all the Amazon Apps as well as the FREE app they provide daily.

If you are like me and want Options then by all means try this solution to gain access to Amazon Apps until such time as A&T starts allowing access directly.  Why wait and miss out on some great FREE apps...



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