Friday, February 11, 2011

Must Have Utilities for Dell Streak 5 #dellstreak

After a little over 2 months with my #dellstreak I have found that the following utilities should be on every Dell Streak 5 owners list...

No Lock (FREE):  This app allows you to turn on your Streak's screen without requiring the unlock code, very handy when you are constantly accessing your phone during the day...

Screen Off ($0.99 USD):  This app will turn off your screen without requiring you to use the Power Button, saving many pushes on the power button possibly prolonging the life of your Streak.

Note:   I am not sure which app or a combination of both the above apps but once I had these both installed and working I am able to use the Volume rocker to turn on the Streak Screen further reducing the pushes on the power button.

ScreenModeWidget (FREE):  This allows you to set the screen to stay on until you manually shut it off with the power button or the Screen Off app when you will be doing a number of tasks with some interruptions in between and don't want to keep turning the screen back on.

One Click (FREE):  This app is actually a number of apps the most useful being:
  WiFi: Turn Off and On WiFi for the phone with a tap on the app
  Bluetooth:  Turn Off and On Bluetooth with a screen tap
  2G-3G:  Takes you directly to the Phone Settings screen where you can enable or disable 2G-3G access for phone applications.

By using these I believe that you can reduce the potential wear and tear on your Streak Power Button as well as extend your battery life by enabling only those power using systems, WiFi, Bluetooth and 2G-3G when necessary...

By the way, for clarification my Streak is running Android 2.2 via the QDL Tool and I am using ADW Launcher.  The utilities listed above may not provide the same functionality running Android 1.6 and/or stock launcher...

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