Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jags win a big one and other notes...

The Jaguars won a big one against the Cowboys this past Sunday. As usual the Offense got a slow start but did manage to come to life in the First half rather then waiting for the second... A Win is a Win and a good way to get the Season started :)

The Tropics are finally starting to get rolling, Hurricane Florence, Tropical Storm Florence and now Tropical Depression 8... Makes you wonder can we really predict Hurricane activity more then a few days in advance?

Who woulda thunk that Tony Stewart would miss the Nextel Chase?

What is today's status of Friendship Fountain? If you know let us know cause it doesn't seem that even the Mayor knows?

Will I get to post another WIN story next Tuesday? The Jaguars finally get back on Monday Night Football but now it is on ESPN...

Was it just me or did the media go way overboard with the Sep 11 5th year anniversary remembrances???

Good Job Atlantis! Come home safe.



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