Monday, September 25, 2006

Jags lose a Heartbreaker...

Well for almost a 1/2 of the game yesterday against the Colts I believed that the Jaguars were a changed team. They utterly controlled all aspects of the game and combining that with last weeks Victory over the Steelers I was thinking finally we are putting it all together...

Well it turns out I was wrong :(

Our Special Teams let us down and Byron lost whatever edge he had and started playing lackluster football... That allowed Indy to stay in the Game and ultimately win the day.

Kudos to our Offensive Line, Defense and Running Game.

We better find the missing ingredients before next Sunday. Mark Brunell had a standout day yesterday setting a New NFL record for consecutive completed passes, Twenty Two (22), yes that is right 22 completed passes in a row.

Jags find what you had in Pittsburgh and no one can beat us, come up short in any aspect and we get days like yesterday...



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