Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Nascar 2007

Nascar's 2007 Season is upon us and questions abound... How will Toyota fair, will JJ be able to repeat? Will Jeff Gordon's new family status affect his driving? Which Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards will we see this year?

Well speedweeks has pretty well answered the Toyota question for now, they have lots and lots and lots of work ahead of them.. Michael tell us it ain't so, you didn't try to cheat did you?

Jimmie Johnson sure looked solid but not spectacular in Qualifying and in the Shootout but Nascar still rewards consistency and with a few wins I have no doubt JJ will be in the hunt for the Cup when the Chase arrives.

Jeff Gordon looked horrible in the Shootout but that appears to have been all mechanical in nature, which takes us back to the Consistency equation... Jeff sure can't have 7 DNFs this year again and expect to make the Chase. Winning will get you to the front but consistency is what carries you... Very solid qualifying run on Sunday however hopefully will start a better overall season for Jeff.

Tony sure jumped to the front in the Shootout and was Ok in qualifying, Carl looked, ummm, well can you say average at this point.

The Twin Duals on Thursday provide more clues as to each teams readiness for the 2007 season and also start some teams off on the wrong foot, missing the first race and the points that go with it...

More after the Duals on Thursday.

Till then keep an eye on the penalties being handed out today or tomorrow and don't be surprised if Michael is ruled to have cheated to see him miss the first 4 races of the year virtually guaranteeing a very rough road ahead of the 55 car...



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