Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Friendship Fountain

As anyone that knows me in the slightest will know that I run, , a site dedicated to Friendship Fountain which is a major focal point of Jacksonville's downtown...

Friendship Fountain has been only in partial operation for almost two years now and recently it came to light that the City was considering demolishing the Fountain and replacing it with a interactive kids park with "Water Feature". I am opposed to such a move and have made as much noise possible to get concerned citizens to be made aware of the situation and to get the City to repair Friendship Fountain and improve the surrounding park area.

For more information and what you can do please visit The JaxFountain Web Site.

While posting this post for some reason I decided to check on the availability of and and guess what... Yep they were both available. I last had checked some time ago and they were both taken but today they were available and now they are part of :)



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