Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What is wrong with this picture...?

Headline in Politico Aug 31, 2010
Democrats seek separation from Nancy Pelosi

Seems many Democratic lawmakers do not want to be tied to their own House Leader. Hmmmm...

Talk about believing in their own party... apparently they don't so why should any voter?

It isn't much better on the Republican side of things either which is why my first criteria in voting this year will be, has the candidate served more then 1 or 2 terms in the office they are running for?

If the answer is Yes then Vote the Bum out....

Our Forefathers Never intended for Politics to be a career choice, they intended that Public Spirited Hard working folks would take some time out from their normal lives and serve their fellow Man for a few years and then return to their primary business or work...

Lets put an end to the term "Career Politician" starting in 2010...



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